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Description of Cute Wallpapers - Kawaii

The time is now to upgrade your phone screen with our adorable and cute wallpapers!

Are you looking for stunning backgrounds to add some cuteness for your android device? Do you want to brighten up your screen with seamless patterns and kawaii designs? If so, you should check our beautiful wallpaper app which was made for everyone who wants to achieve that!

💜 App Features:
1. More than 900 Kawaii Wallpapers in high quality (e.g. full HD) and bright colors for everyone. We're following the rule "what you see is what you get", so all background pictures adapt to your high resolution screen. Only good quality images with animals or food!
2. Wide range of cute themes and categories. Do you want to make your screen background pink or do you wish to download wallpapers with unicorns or cats to your gallery? Perhaps, you like cute faces or kawaii animals (such as flamingos, pandas, dogs and many other). Or maybe you're a big fan of something girly (such as wallpapers for girls) or even minimalistic? How about something slightly serious (kind of!) like cosmos and celestial bodies or not serious at all like anime styled wallpapers? Our app is perfect for anyone who wants to add some personality to their phone!
3. Custom color categories. Paint your favorite wallpapers into pink, red, blue or any other color (or gradient) of your choice. We support background recoloring for hundreds of simple images and seamless patterns. And it's not only basic colors like green or yellow but also thousands of their shades (like pastel palette) too!
4. Patterns. Unique feature of our application. This type of wallpapers can be seamlessly repeated on your screen, no matter the screen size and dimensions!
5. You saw some beautiful piece of art and wanted to save it to the phone gallery? Not a problem, since we provide you free wallpapers, just click "save" button, and image will be saved to the gallery. Or click "Like" button and then you will find that charming wallpaper in the special "Favorites" folder.
6. Support for modern phones. We checked stability of work on plenty of brands, so you may not worry about lags and bugs. We even managed to run it on some custom firmwares such as Samsung galaxy and note phones, Xiaomi or Huawei without any problems!
But in some cases you can't install lockscreen from our app. It's because some phones block that function. To install your cute lockscreen please save image to phone memory, open it via gallery or file app and then look for "set as.." button. It should work.
7. You can share image in any supported app or messenger. So, if you want to use these cute wallpapers for Whatsapp or for Instagram, or even maybe for Telegram - just click "share" and then choose your app.
8. Want to draw by hand but don't have drawing ideas or inspiration? Not a problem - our app solves this eternal problem "what should I draw?". Just open any background art, click "eye" button and our app will hide all UI. Feel free to make a sketch of that image into your notebook or paper.
9. Most important thing - everything works offline! You don't have to be connected to the internet all the time. We understand that bandwidth in your country may be expensive, so we solved this problem and all cute wallpapers are stored in app memory. But fret not, our handpicked kawaii won't take much space, thanks to compression algorithms!

Most of the images were downloaded from crowdsourced websites with Public Domain or Creative Commons licenses. However, for some backgrounds, it wasn't possible to find an author or license. So, if you've found your art in our database and feel it shouldn't be there, or maybe you think that the website we've taken image from hosted it without your permission, please contact us via email (English language).

Cute Wallpapers 💜 Kawaii - is an app made by KawaiiSparkle

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